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Summer camps of excellence in Spain and in the USA

The experience of a life time

Since 2001 educating for a better world. Language immersion makes learning a new language easy and fun.


What do the campers say?

It is very easy for them to switch languages and oral comprehension is much better.

The children adapt quickly and have a great time. They have made many friends and keep in touch, even in Ireland they have made friends with the Irish.

Don’t hesitate, it’s a great way to learn to live in English.

Nieves Cruañes – mother of a participant in Can Ton Xic, Ireland and Golmés day camp for 7 years.

Nieves Cruañes, 2023 

She has improved a lot in English and when she comes back from camp, she spends a few days saying expressions and phrases in English.

The girl asks to come back every year because she has so much fun! She has made friends and they talk to each other all year long, they even meet outside of the camp.

The children enjoy it very much, it’s a very good experience.

Eva Ginestà – mother of a participant in Manrreana, Can Ton Xic and some other programs for 7 years.

Eva Ginestà, 2023

Every year I look forward to going back to camp and learning more every day! I am also more motivated to assist English lessons at school.

In all the programs I have participated in, the experience has been excellent.

For children who are thinking about it, I would tell them to take the plunge and decide to come to the Fun and Learn camps. It is one of the best experiences a child or teenager can have.

The camps are special, enriching and welcoming.

Marc Roig – participant in the camps in Palamós, Can Ton Xic, Vilanova de Sau, Pedraforca, Ridolaina, Les Obagues and the day camp in Golmés for 11 years.

Marc Roig, 2023

The use of less academic English is more motivating because it is what you see the people around you speaking. The atmosphere among the classmates, the security and confidence that the counselors transmit and the fun and varied activities that they propose make the experience very good.

Thanks to Fun and Learn I have made many friends from different parts of Catalonia that I still keep and see from time to time. The bond that is formed between all the people in the program and the rigorous communication in English is very good.

Genís Prado – camper for 4 years in the summer camp of Les Tallades, Ridolaina and Ireland.

Genís Prado, 2023

It is a very good experience that helps to have greater fluency in listening and vocabulary.

The children make many friends and keep in touch with each other throughout the year.

The familiar treatment by the whole team and the motivation of our daughter makes us want to repeat it every summer.

Belén Brescò – mother of a participant in the summer camp, Easter camp and day camp for 5 years.

Belén Brescò, 2023 

Seeing my son happy and motivated when he attends the Fun and Learn camps is already a reason to repeat every year.

Don’t hesitate, your sons and daughters will learn English in a very healthy and fun environment.

Rosa Adroer – mother of a participant in the Can Ton Xic and Palamós camps for 3 years.

Rosa Adroer, 2023

From Fun and Learn I highlight the trust, the tenderness with which they take care of the children and teenagers and the fact that the children ask to come back every year above all else.

During these years they have made many friendships that have been reunited every summer.

It is an excellent option, the perfect balance between enjoying and learning.

Júlia and Gerard Velázquez – parents of two participants in the summer camps in Catalonia for 5 years.

Júlia and Gerard Velázquez, 2023

Learning the language by doing activities that the children like, the fact that there are native councelors and the personalized welcome makes the result of the experience very positive.

It is worth it!

Lucía de Ugarte – mother of a participant in the summer camp for 6 years.

Lucía de Ugarte, 2023

Since he started coming to the Fun and Learn camps, my son has no problem speaking English, which is what is most lacking in the schools. It is an excellent complement.

He has done very well in all the programs he has participated in and has made a group of friends who talk to each other to decide where they will go next summer.

In addition, each child’s stay is personalized (allergies, nervousness about leaving home, health…).

Fun and Learn is trust, proximity and seriousness.

Pepita Vigatà – mother of a child who has participated in the Easter camp in Les Obagues, in the summer camps in Catalonia, in the summer camp and in the camps abroad for 10 years.

Pepita Viagatà, 2023

One of the aspects that motivates my son the most is to practice his english during the camp with Fun and Learn, besides building relationships with the other campers as well.

We’ve been taking him to the camps for 3 years now because we see that he enjoys it and we know that the program is solid.

I would describe Fun and Learn camps with the words fun, friendships and disconnection.

Xavier Cervera – dad of a child who has paticipated in Tavèrnoles and Platja d’Aros camps for 3 years.

Xavier Cervera, 2023

From his first participation in the day camp, his improvement in oral comprehension has been giant, and that’s thanks to the counselors that all of them speak english and some of them are even natives.

I would highlight the desire they have to go back to the camp every day, the relationships that they stablish with the counselors (Ronald specifically) and the new friendships built during the day camp. When it’s over they are willing to start the summer again so they all can meet once again.

It’s for sure the best activity that parents can find for their children.

Mireia Carulla – mom of a participant of the day camp in Golmés since 5 years ago (2023)

Mireia Carulla, 2023

In all of the camps that I’ve taken part I’ve had a lot of fun.

I’ve built lots of friendships and the counselors have always been very kind and funny. During the camp the days fly past really fast, at the end, the experience seems too short. I loved being able to practice my english with native counselors. And I’ve done really good friendships with people all over around in Catalunya and from around the world.

Register in one of their programs!! You won’t regret it!!

Emma Saiz – participant in the summer camp, easter camp and day camp for more than de 5 years

Emma Saiz 2023

I kept meaning to write to you, and never got around to it. Just wanted to say thank you for everything. Ivan and Tommy keep telling me they had a terrible time, but that is obviously some kind of proto-teenage stock response. Clearly actually they had a wonderful time. They tell story after story about what happened during the week, and still keep coming up with more. The experience had a big impact on them both. You have obviously created a safe space in which children have the independence to explore and grow which this year in particular must have been incredibly challenging. It was everything I had hoped it would be.
Many thanks for everything, and hopefully we will see you next year.
Roland (Thomas Nash´s Dad) – Summer 2020

Roland Nash

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