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What do the campers say?

Hi there! I’m Mariona and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Barcelona and I’m currently studying medicine. My adventure with Fun and Learn started many years ago when I was a little camper of 11 years old and I decided to go to this summer camp. I was a camper for two summers in a row and it was really awesome to meet new friends and learn English while playing, singing and having lots of fun at camp. Many years later I got my counselor’s license and I contacted Cesc and Maira “cause I was really excited to become part of this family”. I’ve been working as a counselor for three years with them and I had an amazing time with this crew. Fun and Learn will always be a very special place to me!

Mairona Estruga, camper and counselor, 2019

Mariona Estruga

This is my first year involved with Fun and Learn, I participated as a Counselor in the Summer camps. I really enjoyed my time at Fun and Learn, because I felt like I was part of a big family, with special bonds amongst all the kids and counselors.

Korbin Eggers, New Zealand, Summer 2019

Korbin Eggers

I have been involved with Fun and Learn for 4 years now. I was first a camper and now as a CIT. I have loved every minute of my time in Fun and Learn because you can make lots of new friends while learning a new language.

Miquel Coll, 17 years old, camper, CIT and future counselor, 2019

Miquel Coll