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Born in Mollerussa (Spain) in 1977. Degree in Translation and Interpretation at The School of Human and Sciences Translation and Documentation of the University of Vic (Spain). Director and Counselor (Official degree number 35533/1 by the Spanish Government as a Director/Counselor of activities including arts…

Born in Vic (Spain) in 1974. Degree in Translation and Interpretation at The School of Human and Sciences Translation and Documentation of the University of Vic (Spain). Teacher Certification Course at the University of Barcelona (Spain). Degree numbers 4497/1 and 21705/23 by the Spanish Government…


All the counselors are especially well trained to educate. All the Spanish counselors have the Official Certificate of Counselor and Education, as well as a good knowledge of English. All the counselors have attended training sessions and personal interviews. The Spanish counselors facilitate the linguistic and cultural immersion for the American participants.


Every year we have counselors in training. The profile of a CIT is a boy or a girl who is between 17 and 18 years of age and who is willing to learn to become a counselor. Once you are 18, if you get certification for being a counselor or life guard certification you can apply for a summer job at Fun and Learn. CITs come as volunteer and they learn the rules, the duties and they participate in all the counselor meetings. They also have to apply in our web site to join one of our programs and they pay a tuition as well.


What do the campers say?

I kept meaning to write to you, and never got around to it. Just wanted to say thank you for everything. Ivan and Tommy keep telling me they had a terrible time, but that is obviously some kind of proto-teenage stock response. Clearly actually they had a wonderful time. They tell story after story about what happened during the week, and still keep coming up with more. The experience had a big impact on them both. You have obviously created a safe space in which children have the independence to explore and grow which this year in particular must have been incredibly challenging. It was everything I had hoped it would be.
Many thanks for everything, and hopefully we will see you next year.
Roland (Thomas Nash´s Dad) – Summer 2020

Roland Nash

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(Català) Marta Riera

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(Català) Marina Cervera

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(Català) Martina Segarra

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(Català) Meritxell Torrent

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(Català) Magalí Nadal

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(Català) Ot Matas

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(Català) Marc i Anna estiu 2020

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(Català) Mare Clàudia i Blanca Lozano

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(Català) Silvia Casino estiu 2020

Fun and Learn is definitely the best part of my summers since I first attended in 2015. The camps are a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends. I have been to five summer camps in total and I can’t wait for it to be summer again!! Every day at camp is full of activities and good times, while I improve my English. We speak English during conversation and the workshops, but also in the outdoor activities and the night games. And with no grammar books around!


Isàvena Vallduví, camper for 5 years, 2019, Reus

Isàvena Vallduví

The first time I went to Fun&learn I was a super shy-seven-years-old-girl who didn’t know a word in English, and, to be honest, I was terrified about the idea of going to camp. Now, fourteen years later, when I think about it, I’m amazed about everything I’ve gained throughout these years… As a camper in Castellar de N’hug, I made lots of friends and I started to relate English to the fun experiences I lived at camp. As a camper in the States, I realized I was capable of understanding and communicating myself in English, I tried out climbing and a bunch of other sports I had never thought I would like but I ended up loving them, moreover, I made a group of friends with whom I’m still in touch (actually, we meet every time they come to Barcelona or I go to Boston). As a CIT, the shyness that used to define me disappeared and I was suddenly capable of talking in public (and in English), that summer I also realized how much I enjoy working with kids. Last but not least, as a counselor, I’ve made friends from all around the world (USA, New Zealand, Ireland, England…) and I feel extremely lucky to have a job that I love and that I share year after year with a team of counselors who always end up becoming friends.

Cristina Luna, camper, CIT, counselor in Catalunya and in the USA, Cerdanyola del Vallès

Cristina Luna

I’m Jan and I can almost be considered a veteran of Fun and Learn. I started going to the summer camp in Castellar de n’Hug when I was 15. Someone had recommended me to go as a camper and I enjoyed it so much that when I was asked if I wanted to go back next summer as a CIT I said yes without doubting. Being a CIT for two years was really fun, but I also grew up a lot to become the counselor I am now. It’s been four years since I became a counselor and I have enjoyed Summer Camps, Day Camps, Easter Camps and even going to the United States. The camp there is a whole different experience, with a huge beautiful campsite and a connection with nature difficult to find here. I have travelled to Boston three times with Fun and Learn because every year I kept asking to go back, as well as I keep going back to work as a counselor whenever I can because I feel like I belong there, teaching, learning and having fun with the kids and enjoying an experience that can’t be found anywhere else.


Jan Romaní, camper, CIT and counselor

Jan Romaní

Per a nosaltres, l’experiència de participar en el camp d’Estats Units ha
estat molt positiva. Un dels objectius és millorar anglès però hi ha altres
aspectes tant o més importants en aquesta etapa/experiència com són
conviure amb persones d’una altra cultura, desenvolupar l’autonomia
personal i gaudir de l’estiu.
Aquestes colònies aconsegueixen complir amb tots els objectius, tot en
un entorn fantàstic i amb bons professionals.
Poder dir que després haver repetit l’experiència diverses vegades, ha
estat una satisfacció poder oferir al nostre fill aquesta enriquidora vivència
i de ben segur que l’acompanyarà en el record del seu creixement
Fun and Leard, una gran família !!!


Família Bernaus Gatnau, estiu 2017, 2018 i 2019 als Estats Units

Imma Gatnau

Hi everyone! I’m Edgard and I’m 24 years old. I have a degree in Biological sciences, but I already loved outdoor activities long time before I chose my career. This was partly due to my time spent in Fun & Learn camps. I started as a 9-year-old camper in Castellar de n’Hug. I wasn’t sure if I could cope with the “English only rule”. So, I ended up spending 2 summers in the camp in Catalonia and then, 3 more in the summer camp in the US. I didn’t notice how much I loved this experience until I left. Some years later, I was still part of this family, Cesc and Maira knew it so they contacted me. I got my counselor’s license and came back for 2 more years. Different places but same atmosphere. Where I’ve met lots of interesting and funny people, kids included! Therefore, I must say that Fun and Learn taught me different and important values from different points of view. Not only as a little camper, but as a counselor too. And not only because of their great staff, but thanks to the kids that want to come every year.

Edgard Mestre, camper and counselor, 2019


Hi there! I’m Mariona and I’m 23 years old. I’m from Barcelona and I’m currently studying medicine. My adventure with Fun and Learn started many years ago when I was a little camper of 11 years old and I decided to go to this summer camp. I was a camper for two summers in a row and it was really awesome to meet new friends and learn English while playing, singing and having lots of fun at camp. Many years later I got my counselor’s license and I contacted Cesc and Maira “cause I was really excited to become part of this family”. I’ve been working as a counselor for three years with them and I had an amazing time with this crew. Fun and Learn will always be a very special place to me!

Mairona Estruga, camper and counselor, 2019

Mariona Estruga

This is my first year involved with Fun and Learn, I participated as a Counselor in the Summer camps. I really enjoyed my time at Fun and Learn, because I felt like I was part of a big family, with special bonds amongst all the kids and counselors.

Korbin Eggers, New Zealand, Summer 2019

Korbin Eggers