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An English school camp in the middle of  “les Guilleries”, in the town of Tavèrnoles, a Catalan country house that has been renewed and adapted as a camp house. During the camp we will enjoy an unforgettable experience with lots of playful and sports activities.

Camp duration: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days

Who is the English camp for? For school groups of pre-schools, primary, secondary, family groups, families association and groups in general.

Group exclusivity: During the camp, the house is not shared with any other school or secondary school. We offer exclusivity.

Registration open for the 2022-2023 school year

Contact us to ask for availability: cesc@funandlearn.com or by phone: 637408013 or 627027774.


The goals of the camp are divided in two main groups
1) Goals based in four aspects of the language: listen, read, speak and write
  • Have fun from learning the language
  • Use English in a natural surrounding
  • Develop the abilities to talk in public in English
  • Approach students to the daily English language
  • Motivate the usage of the spoken English language
  • Provide a natural surrounding where the students can feel comfortable and dare to defeat fear
  • Practice the oral comprehension of the language
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Practice the written language and the reading comprehension through games and dynamics
2) Goals based on camp values
  • Take the whole group to its fully participation, integration and socialization, with the group and the surroundings
  • Help with the personal autonomy
  • Learn to participate as a group and not to understand “group” as a separate component from the rest
  • Strengthen differences as an enriching component
  • Boost creativity and imagination of all participants
  • Stimulate personal development and socialization
  • Apply the most exciting dynamics to power the development of the kid and young participant
  • Respect the surroundings
  • Discover the natural space around us and learn to respect it
  • Enjoy playing outdoors
  • Meeting a new natural environment
  • Make an effort to overcome new situations, challenges and difficulties
  • Practice unusual sports and games in our daily environment


How are the goals achieved during the camp

On a playful and relaxed environment, on a safe place surrounded by nature and far from the city, students are divided in small groups. These groups can be made following the instructions of the accompanying professors or, if it is preferred, mixed groups can be made. Each group is accompanied by a supervisor and the common language will be only English. During the day, there are different activities that help us achieve the goals naturally.

Where is the camp made?

It is made in the camp house of Can Ton Xic, Tavèrnoles (Osona), 5 minutes away from the city of Vic. The camp house is 500 meters away from the town, 85 km from Barcelona, 70 km from Girona, 165 km from Lleida and 170 km from Tarragona.

Can Ton Xic is an old country house completely adapted as a camp house. In the middle of “les Guilleries”, beside the Ter river and very close to the “Pantà de Sau”. It is located about 500m away from the town of Tavèrnoles and in the foot of the “Castell de Savassona” and “Sant Feliuet de Savassona”, it allows to discover great sites of natural and cultural interest.

Capacity: 98 places

Rooms: From 6 to 12 places

Facilities: Football pitch, basketball court, covered space, swimming pool, fields, recreation area, ping-pong.

Available activities: Horses, kayak at “Pantà de Sau”, adventure park, archery, climbing, orientation routes, trips to the “Castell de Savassona”, “Font de la Baronessa”, “Sant Feliuet”, “Castell de Savellana” and “Pou de Glaç”.


Who are the camps for?

For school groups of pre-schools, primary, secondary, family groups, families association and other groups.

Cost of the camp

Contact us so we can send you a budget through email: cesc@funandlearn.com. Or by phone: 637408013 or 627027774

How can you make a booking?

Via email at:

cesc@funandlearn.com, indicating the day you are interested in, number of children and their school year, name and surname, phone number and email of the contact person. We will contact you right away.

Just remind that you have the option to make one English day in our facilities.


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