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A professional team of Spanish teachers & counselors together with American teachers & counselors who travel with the participants make the program unique and successful for those who invest their time in learning. We are all adults, teachers and qualified people with the ability to attend to the needs of a group of young people. Some of the counselors are college students with majors in education or a related field.

Fun and Learn


One simple thought - make it as easy as possible to meet and interact with children from a different country in the midst of a very different economic, political, linguistic and cultural climate.

Advancing ones knowledge of Spanish is also one of our major goals. In the classroom, one can learn the basics of a language (grammar, orthography, syntax and so on) but children do not usually have the opportunity to be in an environment which motivates them or which invites them to speak the language they are learning.

With our programs, at a Spanish camp and with the option of staying with a Spanish host family after camp, participants will be able to use and reinforce what they have learned in class. In essence, what we offer is linguistic and cultural immersion, in a relaxed, fun and safe environment. Children who attend the camp tend to develop long term friendships with campers from Spain and stay in touch once they return to the United States.

What is?


Linguistic and cultural immersion consists of getting completely involved in an environment where the culture and language which we speak are completely different from our native ones. Participants will have to speak and put into practice their knowledge and abilities in order to understand and make themselves understood. Losing the fear to speak is an important goal of linguistic and cultural immersion. This comes easily to participants when they live and learn together.

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