Objectives of an Outdoor English Day

The objectives of an Outdoor English Day are based in the four aspects of the language: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

  • have fun while learning a new language
  • use the English language in a natural environment
  • strengthen the capabilities of speaking in public in English
  • bring the opportunity to the students to get closer to the everyday use of English
  • motivate the spontaneous use of the spoken English language
  • Offer a natural environment where pupils can feel confident and where they can loose the fear to speak and use their English
  • practice the oral comprehension of the English language.
  • learn new vocabulary
  • practice written and riding comprehension through games and activities.
  • promote teamwork

    How do we achieve the Outdoor English Day goals?

    In an environment of fun and in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nautre and far from the noises of the city we divide the students in small groups. These groups can be formed according to instructions of their teachers or in randomly. Each group will be accompanied by a counselor who will only speak in English and English will become the only language spoken during the activity.

    The English Day consists in 4  different activities with the small groups (2 activities and 2 sports) and a closing activity with more than one group at the same time.

Who is the Outdoor English Day for?

For school groups of primary, secondary or high school. AMPAs, families and groups starting at a party of 20.

Where is the English Day located?

Overnight Camp House Can Ton Xic, Tavèrnoles (Osona). 5 minutes away from Vic.

Price of the Outdoor English Day:

Please contact us via email: cesc@funandlearn.com or 637408013

How to do a group booking?

To book an Outdoor English Day please, send an email to cesc@funandlearn.com.

In the email let us know:

  • Name of the responsible person who contracts the activity including name, last name, phone and contact email.
  • Name of the School/institution including address, location, zip code, phone number of the school.
  • Course and age of the students
  • Number of students
  • Dates in which you are willing to do the activity.


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